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At HouseHelper.ch, we’re renowned for our exceptional office cleaning, home cleaning services, and Airbnb cleaning service across Zurich. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering a reliable cleaning service that ensures each space we touch radiates with cleanliness and perfection.

What distinguishes HouseHelper.ch? It’s our cleaning passion. We are not just professional cleaners; we are ardent enthusiasts who take joy in converting spaces into spotless sanctuaries. By choosing HouseHelper.ch for your cleaning needs, you’re selecting a service that’s not only excellent but also fueled by a genuine love for cleaning.

Why select HouseHelper.ch? Because we are the epitome of a reliable cleaning service, understanding the critical nature of dependability. Our team’s passion for cleaning is matched by our commitment to providing a consistent cleaning service, ensuring outstanding results with every visit. With HouseHelper.ch, rest assured that your space is in the most trustworthy hands.

Are you ready to experience the HouseHelper.ch difference? Get in touch with our reliable cleaning service today or schedule a meeting at our Zurich office for office cleaning Zurich. Let’s have a conversation on how we can elevate the brilliance of your space!

Our Mission

At HouseHelper, we’re more than just a cleaning company; we’re a charitable cleaning company with a mission to create cleaner, healthier, and more welcoming environments for our clients. Our commitment extends beyond our services, as we actively engage in community support cleaning service initiatives, dedicating a portion of our profits to cancer research and aiding motherless babies in need.

Our Values

Excellence: We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service.

ReliabilityYou can rely on HouseHelper.ch to be your reliable cleaning service, always there when you need us, providing reliable and consistent services that go beyond your expectations.

PassionCleaning ignites a fire within us; it’s our cleaning passion that drives us. As professional cleaners, we take pride in our work and approach every task with unmatched enthusiasm and dedication.

CommunityOur commitment extends beyond providing top-notch cleaning services; as a charitable cleaning company, we believe in giving back to the community. A portion of our profits supports vital causes, such as cancer research and aiding motherless babies, exemplifying our community support cleaning service ethos.

Our Services

Cleaning Services:

HouseHelper offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services to suit your needs:

  • Airbnb Cleaning For Airbnb hosts, our Airbnb cleaning service is designed to offer a turnover cleaning service that guarantees a spotless and welcoming environment for every guest.
  • Apartment Cleaning We specialize in regular maintenance cleaning to assist homeowners and property managers in maintaining pristine living spaces, showcasing our dedication as a property management cleaning service.
  • Deep Cleaning: Thorough and detailed cleaning for a fresh start or special occasions.
  • Moving Assistance
  • Domestic help

Visit Us

Our cleaning service office address is conveniently located at Zurichstrasse 24, 8607 Aathal Seegräben (ZH), welcoming clients by appointment. Contact us to schedule a visit and discover why we’re a leading Zurich cleaning service.

Collaborations and Job Opportunities

We are on the lookout for dynamic partnerships and enthusiastic individuals to join our cleaning team employment opportunities. If you’re drawn to a cleaning service collaboration, reach out to us and become part of our passionate team.

Contact Us

Discover the HouseHelper difference! Contact our cleaning service contact today to schedule your service, learn more about our digital cleaning solutions, or explore cleaning service collaboration opportunities. We’re eager to enhance your living experience with our comprehensive services.

HouseHelper.ch: Your Comprehensive Home Solution Provider

Our Story

The genesis of Househelper.ch emerged from our shared experiences and the growing demand for our services among friends and business partners. Over time, as individuals sought our expertise and assistance, the realization struck – our combined skills could positively impact more lives if united under one banner. Encouraged by the overwhelming response and trust in our capabilities, we decided to consolidate our efforts, forming Househelper.ch.

Our Vision

At Househelper.ch, our vision goes beyond routine services. We aim to redefine the standards of household and office assistance by offering not just support but a partnership. We strive to be the reliable backbone supporting your daily endeavors, ensuring your spaces are organized, your tasks managed, and your digital presence optimized.

Join Our Community

We invite you to join our growing community of satisfied clients who have experienced the Househelper.ch difference firsthand. Let us be your reliable support system, offering tailored solutions designed to alleviate your burdens and enhance your everyday life. Together, let’s create spaces that inspire, tasks that are effortlessly managed, and digital journeys that lead to success.

Thank you for considering Househelper.ch. We look forward to being your trusted partner in your journey towards a more streamlined and empowered lifestyle.



Our Vision & Mission

Our vision at Househelper.ch is to become the foremost solution redefining household and office assistance, while our mission is to create cleaner, healthier, and more welcoming environments for our clients while making a positive impact in the community. We believe in giving back, which is why a portion of our profits goes towards supporting charitable organizations such as cancer research and providing assistance to motherless babies in need.

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